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Big Cat Saturday Night @ Toomer’s

Around 9 pm a crowd started to gather at Toomer’s Corner. Why you ask? For the first “Toomer’s Corner Walk-Through” where Auburn fans get a chance to rub elbows with some of the nation’s top football  recruits. Of course the tree was rolled and of course all the Auburn cheers were sung, but the most important thing was for these recruits to see how serious Auburn is about getting them here to play football. Coaches Taylor and Looper fired up the crowd. Coach Taylor even added a little spice by breaking out his famous chest-bumps with all the recruits. Everyone was in great spirits and every recruit seemed to be having a wonderful time.

Before we get to the pictures, I just want to add that yes my camera sucks and yes I’m not a fantastic photographer. Additionally it was dark obviously and taking pics of people constantly moving through a large crowd and toilet paper will test anyone’s abilities.

That being said….here’s some of the better shots.

Rolling the tree

Troop & Loop
Crowd cheers


Some of the recruits

The party moves to the center of the street

Having some laughs

One more cheer

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  • those are sweet!! i feel the next caddilac and ronnie about to hit the plains in 2010, all due to these “out of the box” recruiting methods, war eagle!

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