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Daily Archive for June 1st, 2009

Good re-cap of Big Cat Weekend

(even if i don’t agree with your negatives about what happened at Toomers Jerry – WDE!) 

The positives: Well, for starters, the same positive we could take away from the Limo Gambit: once again, this staff has proven that if it can’t outwork its opponents on the recruiting trail, it’s going to do its damnedest to outthink and out-innovate them. Maybe it ends up working, maybe it doesn’t, but you get the sense that as long as Curtis Luper and other assorted sharp cookies like Malzahn and Taylor are around, there won’t be any stops not pulled out, no tricks left in the bag. If you’ll pardon yet another cliche: if they’re going down, they’re going down swinging.

Here on WarBlogEagle


“Whats up Nick Saban? How you doing? Wait til we get here” – Lache Seastrunk ( #1 Rated runningback in the nation)

Sony PSP Go = Really Cool

Sony PSP Go

Sony’s struggling handheld gets a much-needed shot in the arm with the new PSP Go ($TBA). Being officially introduced at E3 2009 this week, the slider-gamer sports a 3.8-inch display, 16GB of flash storage, Bluetooth, and a Memory Stick Micro slot. Gone is the UMD drive, making it about 40% lighter than the current PSP. The Go will also offer PlayStation Network support and integration with the PlayStation 3.

Question: What causes bama fans to get ticked off and bama media to write articles about AU violating rules?


Although NCAA rules (Bylaw 13.10.6) bar the introduction of visiting student-athletes during any function, videos of the event posted on two Web sites show the crowd cheering as the players are introduced by name, position and hometown. The man yelling the introductions does not appear on the videos, but assistant head coach Trooper Taylor is shown leading the crowd in cheers immediately after the introductions.

Introduction of student-athletes would be a secondary violation and would not affect the athletes’ eligibility.

NCAA Bylaw 13.10.5 prevents schools from publicizing an athlete’s visit or allowing the visitor to “participate in team activities that would make the public or media aware of the prospective student-athlete’s visit to the institution (e.g., running out of the tunnel with team, celebratory walks to or around the stadium/arena, on-field pregame celebrations).”

This can’t happen…Auburn can’t be allowed to do this…how many recruits were there? Well guess what, we did…and we’re about to own the state again come November. Spin your propaganda all you want bama media machine, your about to be SOL (Thanks Lache). Bottom line, everyone is talking about Auburn (again) for the second time in the offseason, get off our jock bama.