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Good re-cap of Big Cat Weekend

(even if i don’t agree with your negatives about what happened at Toomers Jerry – WDE!) 

The positives: Well, for starters, the same positive we could take away from the Limo Gambit: once again, this staff has proven that if it can’t outwork its opponents on the recruiting trail, it’s going to do its damnedest to outthink and out-innovate them. Maybe it ends up working, maybe it doesn’t, but you get the sense that as long as Curtis Luper and other assorted sharp cookies like Malzahn and Taylor are around, there won’t be any stops not pulled out, no tricks left in the bag. If you’ll pardon yet another cliche: if they’re going down, they’re going down swinging.

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  • Hey, reasonable minds can always differ. War Eagle!

  • I just think that even if we do get secondary violations…who cares? They are pushing the envelope of recruiting which is what the previous staff failed at doing. I agree with you in a sense that we do not need to turn into that knucklehead at Tenn w/ violations every other day; but, I think what they are doing is revolutionary in the recruiting world. Even if no big commits come of this weekend (I think they will though)…it’s got the entire state media talking about it (including Mr. Paul Finebaum.



    AUTRON loves the car wash!

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