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Daily Archive for June 3rd, 2009

What is the death penalty?

The repeat-violator legislation (so called “death penalty”) is applicable to an institution if, within a five-year period, the following conditions exist: (a) following the announcement of the major case, a major violation occurs, and (b) the second violation occurred within five years of the starting date of the penalty assessed in the first case. The second major case does not have to be in the same sport as the previous case to affect the second sport.

The minimum penalties for repeat violators of legislation, subject to exemptions authorized by the committee on the basis of specifically stated reasons, may include any or all of the following:

  1. the prohibition of some or all outside competition in the sport involved in the latest major violation for one or two sports seasons and the prohibition of all coaching staff members in that sport from involvement directly or indirectly in any coaching activities at the institution during that period;
  2. the elimination of all initial grants-in-aid and recruiting activities in the sport involved in the latest major violation in question for a two-year period;
  3. the requirement that all institutional staff members serving on the NCAA Board of Directors Management Council, Executive Committee or other committees of the Association resign their positions, it being understood that all institutional representatives shall be ineligible to serve on any NCAA committee for a period of four years; and
  4. the requirement that the institution relinquish its voting privilege in the Association for a four-year period.