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Franklin…. eat a dick.

franklin.jpg As I’m sure a lot of you know, the GUMP ADVISOR has posted this article on how bad Tony Franklin’s experience at Auburn was and how happy he is now:Click here to read that crap.  The article opens up, “Tony Franklin has never been one to chase the spotlight…”  So why would you agree to do an article like this in the first place?   This is a guy who had book tours to promote his book on the spread offense.  Guess some college football DCs showed up to those signings.  Franklin said he had his doubts from the beginning and didn’t think  his offense would really work.  Well thanks, Tony.  If you didn’t want to be in the spotlight and you didn’t think your offense would work at Auburn then why did you take one of the most coveted jobs in college football, an OC at a huge SEC school?? The article goes on to randomly talk about JETGATE, which Franklin had no part in, and how the AU regime was out to get Tubs.  Then it goes to say that the people at Auburn are “fake” because they talk about religion “too much”.  Ridiculous,  Fake is promising you’re committed to the Miami Dolphins and then bolting to Bama for 6 million dollars.  Fake is taking a job that you knew you would fail at and wouldn’t fit in at and wasting all of our time and energy, and in my opinion costing Tubs his job.  If there was an underlining theme to the article, it was that the chemistry at Auburn between it’s coaches and administration was not working.  I believe that is why in 2008/09 they administration decided to move forward and create a healthy environment for the future.  We are all moving forward, so Franklin, you can truly get out of the spot light now.  Go back to your happy little cave in Middle Tenn St.  No one will miss you.  oh yeah, and eat a dick.  

6 Responses to “Franklin…. eat a dick.”

  • HA HA HA HA HA…….love it.

  • You are an embarrassment to Auburn. Please become a fan of another team or get your mommy to review your blogs before your post them. How embarrassing. You make Bambies look intelligent.

  • I make Bambies look intelligent? Maybe you should be the one who eats TF’s dick. Go read another blog, this one is for people without sand in their vagina.

  • Grow up kiddie.

  • At least now when people talk about trashy Auburn fans, I know who they are referring to.

  • Steve, first off let me say thanks for reading the blog. We started it as a way for me and my friends to communicate about Auburn and post funny videos / silly articles that make us laugh when we get a break at work to check the site. In no way have we ever tried to pretend to be a credible news source, cause really… What blog is? A lot of the times we link to other stories we find interesting and sometimes we write, or should I say vent, about the happenings surrounding Auburn and its fine football team. I understand your gripe with this article since it does use questionable language and has a distasteful and terribly drawn ms paint picture that an 11 year old would draw. But I mean come on, we’re not CNN here. You’re reading a BLOG. Someone’s personal opinions. I was going to take the article down then you decided to insult another AU fan. So war eagle to you sir. Let’s keep the hating towards the other side of the state. Thanks for your opinion…


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