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ESPN Reports on Bama Violations

see link  Looks like they’ll have to give up 21 wins, the Auburn victory they had last year won’t be one of them.  And they lose NO scholarships.  Looking like it’s going to be very anti-climatic.  FAIL.  

3 Responses to “ESPN Reports on Bama Violations”

  • I dont think any of us really expected much punishment for this textbook thing.

    The only thing that matters is that the repeat offender window is open and is retroactive back to 2007 when they thought they were coming out of it. So anything that might come in that window is fair game for the hammer…..not that I think anything will.

    If anything, probation until 2014 is a good thing.

  • agreed. lets move on.


  • Ah, the textbooks are for OTHER students! Now I get it! I didn’t undrestand what use Alabama football players would have for textbooks.

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