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Great analysis of Malzhan’s offense

But a final thought. Another thing to expect from Auburn’s offense this year will be lots of motion from the wide receivers and their use as a threat to run as well as catch. Now, all of these “versatility” roles — H-backs and receivers as running threats — depends on depth and skill at those positions (easier if you have Percy Harvin), but Malzahn likes to to give the look so as to at least present the problem to the defense. From the “power” look above, Malzahn likes to motion an outside wide receiver completely behind the runningback, and he then gets into a pitch relationship with the quarterback for an option. This way Malzahn can fake the power play and run the speed option with the quarterback (Kodi Burns?) with the receiver as a pitch man. It’s fun stuff, at least when it works. Once he has done that, the very fact of the receiver in motion tends to help draw defenders when they do simply hand it off to the runningback on the power play.


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  • This offense reminds me of Utah. Very fast paced, with not exceptional talent. A perfect offense to beat Alabama with.

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