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Gus 101 in session

Arkansas article on Gus Malzahn: 

Malzahn, a walk-on receiver at Arkansas who transferred to Henderson State to finish his playing career, coached at Hughes, Shiloh Christian and Springdale for a combined 14 seasons before breaking into college coaching at Arkansas in 2006. While Malzahn called plays at Arkansas, he didn’t have total control of the offense, as he did at Tulsa and presumably will at Auburn. The 2006 Razorbacks never ran the Spread offense, as Auburn will under Malzahn.

Can’t wait to see it

Someone call the NCAA

Each company driver has a card to make purchases for vehicle items such as fuel. Jones had no card for her personal use, the plea agreement said. The card was used to make diesel fuel purchases for RJ Trucking, company owned by Jones and Lee. The card was also used for repairs on cars owned by Jones and her family, court records show. Coogler said Jones’ claim of an agreement between her and the company was out of bounds. “If she isn’t guilty, then she shouldn’t have pleaded guilty,” Coogler said, adding it was too late to re-open the case.  Jones’ son, Dominic Lee, was a defensive tackle for Alabama from 2003 to 2006.

Things that make you say, hmmmm.


New Seastrunk Article…


Who knows where he’ll end up, I sure like this quote though…

“I want a coach that cares about his players,” Seastrunk said. “I am looking for a coach who is going to treat me like my mother did. I want to get the feeling that we are a family. I want to be in a place that feels like home.”


Best of Gary Busey

Because most of you know, LIMEY.

ESPN picks up coverage of Auburn Tailgate Controversy

ESPN linked to Evan Woodberry’s blog Here

Auburn fans are not thrilled with the university’s decision to charge for tailgating in some parts of campus.

Still, the facebook group, found Here, has over 6000 people protesting the new rules

Camille Wallace Gantt Writes: With our country in such an economic crisis making money off of one of the only things many people have left to look forward to is wrong. If Auburn University takes away the right to free tailgating, which is one of the biggest things it is known for, it will portray to other colleges that ALL our University cares about is money. Auburn’s loyal fans are angered by this and the ones that have already been financial hurt and that have been cutting back in the last decade will be further pushed to cut back. This means there will be less tailgaters and less people showing support to the Auburn Football team. Our football team needs the support of its fans! Dedicated fans will only take so much and I fear that this will push some of the fans away. With gas, food, living, and everything else in our lives costing so much why on Earth is Auburn trying to find some other way to profit off of its dedicated fans.

The official University announcement can be found Here.

The Auburn Athletic Department announced Friday a new game day program -Tailgate Guys- that will expand and enhance tailgating opportunities on campus. Tailgate Guys, which will be located on a previously unused part of the campus green, will provide complete tailgating services to participating fans.’s Evan Woodberry’s blog can be found Here:

The move, announced Monday, has raised the hackles of some fans who flooded message boards and blogs with commentary. Nearly 6,000 fans joined a Facebook page devoted to keeping Auburn’s tailgating areas free of charge. But Auburn officials say those concerns are misplaced, and that the new payment scheme will affect only a tiny portion of campus while keeping the park-like green space near the stadium attractive, clean and safe.

SEC Championship Game to stay at Georgia Dome

The SEC Championship Game will remain in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome for at least the next six years.

The league announced a five-year extension with the Georgia Dome on Monday, which runs through the 2015 season.

Say No I Will Not Sit Quietly While You Take My Tail Gate Spot… Sign The Petition At Bottom

I believe this whole situation is completely against everything that Auburn stands for… We are the most beautiful villiage on the plains not the most profitable…

Grabbed from the FaceBook Group..

Keep Auburn Tailgating Free!!!!!!!!

Which I sugest everyone join’s…

To sign the petition read below from The “Keep Auburn Tailgating Free” Team… You can donate at $2 but Idon’t think you have to I X’d out..

We have also setup an online petition that we encourage everyone to sign. This will only strengthen our case for the future. Here is the link to the online petition below.


Luper Say’s….

6 or 7 commitments in the next 10 day’s… Including the 5* type…. and a commitment today…

Name the 5 Star and who you think will commit first?

4 Star WR Antonio Goodwin Commits to AU

The 6-foot-2, 170-pounder became the Tigers’ 12th commitment in the 2010 class as he committed to Auburn over offers from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Oregon.



Random find of the day

good job mikey haha