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Daily Archive for July 3rd, 2009

Lost Fans…

We all know that on ABC’s “Lost,” time is extremely relative.

So why not throw an extra hour into the mix?

The sixth and final season will run 18 hours, an hour longer than originally announced. This isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, granted, but for “Lost” fans heading into the final lap, every minute counts.

Though the reason for the extra time hasn’t been confirmed, one insider said that the producers felt they had some extra story to tell in the final season. “Lost” starts shooting later this summer.


New Eminem Freestyle

No one said this was a rebuilding year

Don’t know if anyone had mentioned this in the spring, but Caudle was wearing a blue, team-issued T-shirt that had the date for the Iron Bowl (11/27/09) on the right sleeve and the date of the SEC championship game (12/5/09) on the left sleeve. “Obviously two of the more important dates on the schedule,” he said.

Good to see the coaches are getting these players minds right! Two very important dates!!