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Alternate Auburn Uniforms

Created in NCAA 10′ Team Builder…what do you guys think?







6 Responses to “Alternate Auburn Uniforms”

  • Like Coca Cola and Mustangs, there are some things which ought not to be messed with. Hopefully we will not go the way of the Hurricanes or Oregon. We have the best looking uniforms is college football.

  • Agreed. I thought these were interesting though. It would be nice to have that surprise 3rd jersey to come out in once every couple of years. I know recruits would love to hear about stuff like that…

  • HELL YEA! those new uniforms look awesome.

  • I love the new uniforms :) WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The uniforms we have now are still awesome. It’s a tough pick.

  • Jaylin The Future Auburn Player

    these jerseys are cool they need to finalize on this decision

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