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Auburntron Poll Results: QB Race

877 of you voted, for the winner, with 377 Votes (37%):

Neil Caudle:




State Breakdown:


It was looking like Burns got out to a quick start then we had the A-day game. Caudle went 11 for 16 with no interceptions, 161 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Obviously a better showing than Burns’ 3 for 8, no interceptions, 48 yards, and no TD’s. As a fan, my heart is pulling for Kodi simply because of his athletic abillity and unique resourcefulness making plays on his feet. I think that he would be the most exciting QB to watch as long as his passing percentage goes up considerably. That said, my brain is telling me we should be pulling for Caudle. He was an Elite 11, 4-star QB out of high school, and it seems Malzhans offense needs a QB who can make quick, accurate throws along with the occasional bomb. As of right now before fall practice starts, it looks like Caudle is that guy. Auburntron will stand behind ANY QB the coaches decide on for the 2009 season! But for the record, you redshirt Rollison. Period. War Damn 2009!

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