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Seastrunk Talks…

People want to say well, he’s 80 percent going to Auburn,” he said. “For all they know, I could be going to USC or LSU or Florida. I am going to go where I feel most comfortable.” This, even though he made public comments during Auburn’s Big Cat recruiting weekend directed at Alabama head coach Nick Saban to the tune of “Wait until we get here.” Could those comments have revealed more than he wished to reveal publicly? Or was he caught up in the moment? One reporter who covers recruiting in the state of Texas as close as anyone agreed that Auburn is the current leader, but cautioned that Seastrunk could end up anywhere. “He could end up at Baylor for all we know. He’s just that type of kid.” Seastrunk, who also told at least one reporter that he plans to visit Texas again unofficially, offers no hints at even when he may decide. “I’ve got a plan and all I can tell you is it’s super funny,” he said.


Word is he may be in Auburn this weekend….I guess we will have to wait and see.

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