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NCAA Unlockable All-Star Teams…

Unlockable: All-Star Squads

  • Boomer Sooner – Unlocks All-Star Oklahoma Squad
  • Bow Down – Unlocks All-Star Washington Squad
  • Death Valley – Unlocks All-Star Clemson Squad
  • Fumble – Unlocks 2004’s All-American Squad (Should have lot’s of AU guys)
  • Gig Em – Unlocks All-Star Texas A&M Squad
  • Go Blue – Unlocks All-Star Michigan Squad
  • Killer Nuts – Unlocks All-Star Ohio State (Pussy) Squad
  • Mighty – Unlocks All-Star UCLA Squad
  • Roll Tide – Unlocks All-Star Turd Squad
  • Tech Triumph – Unlocks All-Star Virginia Tech Squad
  • U Rah Rah – Unlocks All-Star Wisconsin Squad
  • War Eagle Unlocks All-Star Auburn Squad (Whom do you think is on this squad?)
  • We Are – Unlocks All-Star Penn State Squad
  • Woopigsooie – Unlocks All-Star Arkansas Squad

5 Responses to “NCAA Unlockable All-Star Teams…”

  • QB: Pat Sullivan – Jason Cambell
    RB: Bo – Caddy – Rudy
    WR: Frank Sanders – Courtney Taylor

    CB: Carlos Rodgers – Junior Rosegreen
    LB: Takeo Spikes – Karlos Dansby
    DT: Tracy Rocker

  • thats my guess.

    whats yours?

  • that 2004 team had a lot of stars

    Jason Campbell
    Cadillac Williams
    Ronnie Brown
    Carlos Rogers
    Junior Rosegreen
    Karlos Dansby
    Damon Duval

    Bo Jackson

  • There are two different teams… The All AUburn squad….

    and the all teams 2004 All Star Team… I was saying that there should be alot of Auburn people on that squad..

    But I like both list…

  • Where do you type in war eagle to unlock the team?

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