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Daily Archive for July 17th, 2009

On A Brighter Note… Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition

It’s about time that a limited edition video game package came with pack-ins that are actually cool. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition ($150; November 10) includes the highly-anticipated followup to Modern Warfare, a download code for the original classic Call of Duty, a hardbound game art book, a Steelbook case with custom artwork, and — seriously — a fully-functional set of night vision goggles good for 50 feet of visibility in total darkness, along with an individually numbered and engraved stand. Just don’t get carried away re-enacting your epic wins. [Thanks, everyone]

For all those who tailgate with Auburntron

Updated 12:42pm Friday July 17, 2009
I just got off the phone with Michael from Tailgate Guys, you can contact him here @ 334-559-5569, or email him with your concerns

Auburn charging for tailgating?

Nathan Stewart –

BBQ – Drinks – Good food – and Family – all things representing tailgating at Auburn Universality on gameday. But a new company in town promises “to make things better.” Michael Otwell, co-owner of the company Tailgate Guys, has confirmed to Auburntron that he has partnered with Auburn University to bring more fans to a new area of campus. When asked who is making the final decision on letting people tailgate? “Nathan, it is a joint venture with the University, we are just the avenue for service.”

Otwell said the University believes that this area belongs to the University itself; and since it is under construction that has yet to be finished, no one can claim they had a spot there since it is now a “new part of campus.”

“Have you seen the campus lately? It is all torn up. I know lot of people who used to tailgate by the Eagles cage. This new ‘Green Plan’ is going to give the campus a new look when it comes to tailgating.”

In reference to fans concerns that may be losing their tailgate site of more than half a decade, Otwell confirmed the inevitable.

“Is going to be secured, not gated off, it is going to be a secured location.”

So for those Auburn fans who have been tailgating inside this area, it looks like you will have to find a new place to tailgate, or fork over a wad of money, to enjoy that BBQ and Family atmosphere, you once did for free.

“Michael who should I take this up with at the University? Nathan you should just go to the Athletic Department? The Athletic Department? Yeah, Tigers Unlimited. I would you should get in touch with the University today if you have a problem.”

War Damn Eagle?Updated 12:32pm Friday July 17, 2009
I’m waiting on a call back from the “tailgate guys”.

Looks like we’ve lost our tree, and now our entire tailgate spot…TailgateGuys has partnered with the University to offer turnkey tailgating services to accommodate almost any tailgate size. All tailgate equipment is provided through tailgate guys and will be DELIVERED TO A RESERVED LOCATION ON AU’S NEW CAMPUS GREEN SETUP AND SECURED.Tailgate Guys Map

Tailgate Guys wants to start a new tradition in Auburn make tailgating easier for you the fan. Full catering services and campus parking can supplement any package. Tailgate guys can accommodate the most basic package or a corporate event for the season or even just one game.

It has been almost a decade tailgating at that spot in front of the Allison building. It is very disappointing if we cannot keep our spot. I realize that tailgating at a spot consecutively for almost a decade and for almost every home game doesn’t give us fans the right to “own” a spot; but, it certainly feels like something has been taken from us. If this company won’t let us tailgate there because they “might” be able to sell spots to someone, I am going to be writing some angry letters to everyone at Auburn. Early estimates are in the $1,000 range to reserve a spot. What’s next, tailgating permits? THIS IS WRONG.

“Wait til we get here” – Lache Seastrunk



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