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Someone call the NCAA

Each company driver has a card to make purchases for vehicle items such as fuel. Jones had no card for her personal use, the plea agreement said. The card was used to make diesel fuel purchases for RJ Trucking, company owned by Jones and Lee. The card was also used for repairs on cars owned by Jones and her family, court records show. Coogler said Jones’ claim of an agreement between her and the company was out of bounds. “If she isn’t guilty, then she shouldn’t have pleaded guilty,” Coogler said, adding it was too late to re-open the case.  Jones’ son, Dominic Lee, was a defensive tackle for Alabama from 2003 to 2006.

Things that make you say, hmmmm.


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  • funny thing that sticks out to me… check out his bio…

    Coogler, L. Scott

    Born 1959 in Nantucket, MA

    Federal Judicial Service:
    Judge, U. S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama
    Nominated by George W. Bush on March 27, 2003, to a seat vacated by H. Dean Buttram Jr.; Confirmed by the Senate on May 22, 2003, and received commission on May 28, 2003.

    University of Alabama, B.A., 1981

    University of Alabama School of Law, J.D., 1984

    Professional Career:
    Army National Guard, 1988-1991
    Law clerk, Hon. Paul Conger, Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, Alabama, 1984
    Private practice, Alabama, 1984-1999
    Judge, Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, Alabama, 1996-2003
    Adjunct professor, University of Alabama School of Law, 2000-2003

    Race or Ethnicity: White

    Gender: Male

    anything seem a bit off about all this?

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