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Throwback Article


From left, with EA Sports Elite 11 logos: the high school quarterbacks Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow, Pat Devlin, Neil Caudle, Jevan Snead and Matthew Stafford.

The Elite 11, which is in its seventh year, is a gathering of 12 of the top high school quarterbacks in the country, winnowed from 1,400 applicants with a scrutiny worthy of admission to an Ivy League college. The camp used to have 11 quarterbacks and a lesser “project” player. The project-player slot was dropped and a 12th top quarterback was added.

nytimes in 2005

5 Responses to “Throwback Article”

  • Man, Freeman was huge! Guess that meant he fell that much harder when Groves sacked him to clinch the game in 2007.
    Looking at past Elite 11 QB’s, I’m further convinced that recruiting is a crap shoot. Two words, Jonathan Crompton!

  • the worst thing about looking at that picture, is that Neil Caudle has/had all the potential in the world… after coming to AU behind Campbell/Cox and the coaching staff who didnt know how to say “you’re done” to upper-classmen, or even coach for that matter, Neil has ridden the bench…

    i still wouldn’t be surprised to see him starting this upcoming season, but i wish he had been given the opportunity and the attention he deserved two seasons ago…

  • Rich *ahem Jenks, I respectfully disagree to some degree. Those years you are talking about Neil was injured for most of the time and Cox / Cambell were clearly the better QBs. Obviously the coaches are going to give the best QB the most reps. I think you know best we have yet to have a quality QB coach on campus since Petrino. Since Todd and Burns have both had their shot, I am behind Caudle to get the nod first game. At least lets see what the kid can do cause he’s deserved it. Im no QB coach but from the practice videos I’ve seen so far he does look like he is throwing a better ball than Kodi. This is what I am predicting…

    QB 1): Caudle
    QB 2): Todd
    Wildcat QB: Burns
    Rollison / Mosely redshirting

    Whoever wins the spot I will be behind 110%.


  • i wouldn’t have wanted Caudle to start over Cox until brandon’s senior year where he was so beaten up physically that it was almost too much for him to even put on his pads… BC was a damn good QB when healthy and won a lot of games for this program, but he shouldnt have been playing as much/at all the second half of his senior year…

  • i do believe that out of Caudle and Todd, which ever one of those two shows they have the best grasp of the offense will be the starter… hard to say at this point…

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