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Recruiting analyst on finebaum says Seastrunk to AU

 ”I just talked to him last week at a camp down here in Florida, and he likes Auburn…ALOT” -Recruiting Analyst Brian Mclachlan

“Lache was talking about playing with Dyer just last week when we sat down” -Recruiting Analyst Brian Mclachlan

“(Talking about Lache) He seemed like he was pretty much in still love with Auburn” – Recruiting Analyst Brian Mclachlan

“Lache really likes Gene Chizik – He just comes across as a no non sense guy – The way Lache put it – The one thing Lache kept talking about last week is that his mother has been such a strong force in his life and he really wants that parental figure at the next level – he seems to feel that Coach Chizik is that type of a guy” -Recruiting Analyst Brian Mclachlan

You guys have to listen to this…Audio LINK

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