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Panoramic view of the new “Green Space”

pano_1400×338.jpgClick Click for full image…

-Credit: Scott Holder for the panorama
-Credit: Mike Stout for the resizing

4 Responses to “Panoramic view of the new “Green Space””

  • ya know what pisses me off? it’s been so damn long since i’ve been on campus, i had a hard time actually figuring out exactly where that is in relation to the stadium… damnit all i need to get to a game this season…

  • Past the parking lot on the right is the Amphitheater

  • yeah… i think the building in front of Haley threw me off for a few minutes… i havent been up there for a game since the UGA game in 2004… i’ve been on campus a time or two since, but there has been so much construction since the last time, i got a little turned around :)

  • Thanks Scott and Stooter… It is a sad look at the situation but still a needed look..

    I hope the guy that is doing this to our great campus gets the Clap and has to have his WEWE cut off…

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