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Percy Harvin, “Keepin It Real”

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Apparently former Gator and now Minnesota Viking wide receiver Percy Harvin was invited by some Florida coaches to come speak to a few recruits about his time at the university. The idea was to give them an NFL player’s perspective on how the school helped him not only get to the NFL, but also how they made him a better player in general.Well, things started great as he talked about how good the staff was to the players, how they won a couple championships, and how they helped him become a NFL first rounder…then he started keeping it real.

What we’re hearing:

- Harvin discussed his continuous pot use, and how he was able to smoke it for the majority of his time at UF.

- Harvin also confirmed the long time rumor that he made a mistake and choked his wide receivers coach, and how the school gave him a second chance by covering it up so the media didn’t report it.

- He also talked about the benefits that being a Gator brought to the party scene in Gainesville.

Needless to say, the coaches weren’t very happy.  Maybe they should just stick to Tim Tebow at these events?