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saban lied to Pat White? You don’t say…


LSU recruited White as an, “athlete,” and he knew what that meant. Quarterback wasn’t promised. It probably wasn’t even on the radar. But when West Virginia began recruiting White only as a quarterback and had a spread offense to custom-fit his skills, LSU changed its tune. Its coach told White he could play quarterback. “I didn’t think they were being honest,” White says. Its coach also said the previous year’s top quarterback recruit, JaMarcus Russell, might not have the brains to play quarterback. Like White, Russell was from the Mobile, Ala., area. He knew Russell. “I thought, ‘If they were going to say that about him to me, what were they going to say about me to a [recruit] a year from now?’ ” White says. “I just didn’t trust what I was being told.” So White went to West Virginia, started four years, won four bowl games and set records as a passer and a runner. But here’s the kicker to that story: The LSU coach was Nick Saban, the guy who took lying to a new level a few years later as Dolphins coach.


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