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Oh how soon we forget…

Just another example that the TailgateGuys venture is just the latest ploy by the University to extract more money from fans or force their removal from campus.

Plainsman article from August 2008

3 Responses to “Oh how soon we forget…”

  • I am sorry. This is very different than what is going on with the tailgate guys. The RV tailgating was moved because of the new arena and the dozen or so new dorms that are now present. Something has to give to make progress. Unfortunately when building is built on campus that usually means someone looses their tailgate spot. We all need to stop bitching and whining. We want our University to grow and become the best. That means more buildings, more classrooms, more labs, etc and yes less tailgating spots.

  • No one is bitching and whining about new buildings taking tailgate spots.

  • JScott is right.

    Man – I remember PULLING MY CAR up behind the architecture building and letting loose on football Saturdays. Auburn either needs to put a cap on enrollment or just build a big immigration fence around the campus to curb the influx of too many people. I mean I voted for Obama and everything but I was in Auburn first.

    Whenever JScott says something on this website I will completely agree with it.

    War Eagle.

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