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Tennessee cancels Auburn Tigerwalk; Fears justified

September 30, 2008
Knoxville, TN –

Waking up early Sunday morning, after sneaking by the powerhouse Ohio the night before, Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin had a plan. As the team turned it’s attention to the team from the plains, it wasn’t the game he was concerned about.

“We gotta do something about that damn tigerwalk”, a shirtless Kiffin proclaimed in a closed door meeting to reporters. “If we dont stop them at the gate we’ll never stop em, eww yeah pass the wax….mmm thanks Coach Org-e”.


Tennessee (2-2), has looked good stopping the run this year, allowing an average of 87 yards per game. This weekend coaches hope to see more of the same, by stopping the walk?

“There will be no tigerwalk for Auburn. They ain’t coming through my gates. If they think they coming through my gates they got something coming to em. We don’t play football here at Tennessee. We pay homosexual coaches millions of dollars while we bet each other how many times ESPN can show my face in a single sportscenter. 14 times bitch, F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N!”

Numerous recruits on the Tennessee campus this weekend are looking forward to the showdown that will air in primetime on ESPN Saturday night. As the coaches are prepare for battle, kiffin says the new strategy is something no other college football teams have thought of.

“Well, the way I see it, if they can’t come into the stadium, we can’t lose!” Kiffin said as he chest bumped a now naked Ed Orgeron. “It will be publicity genius, we will tell them they can’t do it cause of security reasons and Osama and all that shit. Damn I’m sexy.”

When asked what happens if Chizik and company actually make it through the gates, an evil smile came over the head coach.

“Florida cheated.”

“Coach we’re talking about Auburn here.” A reporter declared.

“Oh…we are going to rely on my dad’s defense. Have you not seen this guy? He’s like 80 years old. He knows everything. Love ya pops. Yeah were just gonna punt the ball every down and let ole Monte’s D carry the load. Can’t let that little bitch Crompton touch the ball, his mustache has a mind of it’s own. I think it tells him to throw interceptions every down.”


“It’s an outrage”, Tennessee interim President Jan Simek told reporters. “We can’t allow Auburn to have a tigerwalk. Everyone knows that they started the tigerwalk and if the recruits find out we copied the Vol walk after them, who would want to play for us? Pass me my shirt.”

While Auburn hopes to make five straight consecutive wins against Tennessee, it appears the gameplan in Knoxville is in place. No tigerwalk, no tigers.

“They will never know what hit em. Or didn’t….. Mawhhhh ha ha ha ha ha. Now give me that man butter coach.”

WVU fans in awe of Auburn: finally starting to “get it”

WVU fans have a lot to learn. 

I went to Auburn this past Saturday.  I was there to see some football be played between the hedges and for West Virginia to come home with a win.

The game aside, I saw some things on Saturday.  Some things that make me question the way we are as WVU fans.

First of all, the Auburn fans know how to treat visitors.  We were inundated with comments like, “great to see you and all of your fans here. you really travel well.”  “Good luck tonight, we really hope to see a good game.” and “Boy, we really love Pat White down here.  His family is fantastic and his dad is a real nice guy.  He’s a fire marshall, ya know!”

However, we were also told stories of how badly the Auburn fans were treated when they went to Morgantown last year.  About how a 7-year old kid told a grown man to go eff himself.  About how they were spit on and screamed at and treated worse than inmates.  After hearing this from no less than 10 people, I started to feel a little sad.

I’m sad because I grew up in West Virginia.  Someday, I hope to die in West Virginia.  I hope that people are just as proud as me to be from West Virginia.

However, I learned that as a collective, our fan-base is garbage when it comes to the treatment of opposing fans.  Sure, yell at the other team.  Give them an earful.  But when families of people made a long trip to Morgantown to see their team play, bringing along young kids and maybe even grandparents, chill out a little.  They are there to enjoy themselves and watch football. 

Our fans are very passionate, but it’s time to not let that passion carry over into screaming curse words, hurling insults, or threatening with violence.  We aren’t soccer hooligans.  We’re football fans.  We’re there to watch football.

And, those opposing fans, who aren’t local, don’t have a choice but to book a hotel room (usually for two nights).  They contribute to the local economy.  They’re actually helping Morgantown become greater and greater.

After the game, when we were walking out, 3 or 4 people said, “man, your quarterback is a BEAST.  we got lucky a few times.  If we hadn’t, it would have been ugly the other way.”

Nobody said a sour word to any of us.  It sure would be nice to have our fans reciprocate those gestures.’sWVUfreeboard

If I read one more post about the fans 

I am giong to jump off a bridge…honestly how annoying is it to everyone else who reads these stupid posts about auburns fans….WHO CARES!!! go live in AL if you want to ride them a little harder!!! I love our fans, everyone says we have great fans, and YES WE DO GET PISSED when we lose!!!  like get over it, maybe if we would spend more time talking about the game and the team, and games to come, we might be able to get over all of the fan bashing….We have a great fan base, and its not that ironic that the pirnceton review voted us top 10 in the category “students pack the stadium”….SO SHUT UP ABOUT OTHER FANS!!!

This was funny too

things WVU could learn from Auburn and the SEC 

1. I could get used to southern hospitality real quick. Classiest, nicest group of fans I have ever met. They would have had us all over for Sunday dinner if they could. No joke. Really made for an enjoyable weekend.

2. Stadium was amazing. Not only was it big, but it was like a shrine to them. It was encircled by nice shrubs, flowers and rod iron gates. The outside of the stadium was decorated with giant banners of famous football players. Of course Bo Jackson was up there but they also had Carlos Rogers and other throwbacks.

Where are our banners of Marc Bulger? Sam Huff? Major Harris? Gary Stills? John Thornton? Steve Slaton?

Auburn’s marketing/athletic department obviously takes this seriously. Our dept must be too busy worrying about how to get the maple syrup stains off their tie.

3. Stadium signs – Its not the newest stadium around but they did care enough to hang painted and decorated seating section signs above the concessions stands so you can see them from the opposite end. WVU has a blue tin sign stuck to the stadium wall that you cant read until you are in front of the section.

4. RV lots – I know real estate is an issue but I have to believe there is some room near the mile ground. Auburn had huge fields for RVs that were completely FREE to park and tailgate in. First come, first serve. We parked the RV on Wednesday. Thats right, 4 days before the game and camped out and had a great time all week. Try doing that in Ruby Memorial parking lot.

Most of these ideas, especially the banners and decoration of mountaineer field would be inexpensive upgrades that would make a big difference IMO. With the ticket price and parking lot hikes, I think we can afford to act like we are a big time program.

 I will post pics of the stadium as soon as I can.


Auburn players, fans lining up to join Trooper Taylor’s army


“It’s real fun to have somebody who will celebrate with you,” wideout Darvin Adams said. “At the same time, if you do something wrong, you’ll know it, also. It’s big to have somebody who’s going to be straight up with you.”

No wonder players tend to love him. And play for him.


Video: Auburn student section going nuts in the rain!

Super Mario Fannin



The passion is back

The good folks from West Virginia must have wondered what kind of crazy, fanatical, severe-weather-ignoring lunatics they have down on the plains. They found out. And soon enough, so will everyone else: The passion is back on the plains.


News on Montez Billings

he has left the team and will not return…  The SR WR is no longer a member of the AU football team after apparently dropping a class that put him under the NCAA minimum hours needed by a scholarship athlete in order to retain his eligibility… i hate to see Montez’s career end the way it did after the high hopes be brought in along with his 4* rating several years ago, but it never seemed to pan out for him at AU…  good luck to the young man in the future…


“I’m urging our fans … it’s going to take all 87,000 and it’s going to take us playing a great game on top of that. I’m challenging all our people to bring it to a new level Saturday night.”

“We have some great recruits coming this weekend. It’s going to be very important for our crowd to bring their ‘A’ game – not just for this game, but for the future of Auburn. It’s going to take everybody to win.”


Lache Seastrunk = Beast

“In my mind, I want to go for 80 every time,” Seastrunk says. “But I know I can’t. I’m always thinking touchdown. But if I’m thinking like that, worst case scenario, get 9 or 10 yards. In my mind, I don’t care who’s in my way.”

He still needs work running between the tackles, but his strength is deceptive. He does not go to the ground easily.

“If you look at Lache, he just runs away,” Davis says. “He can look at you and just run away. I can’t think of another player in a long time at this level that just jumps right out at you. You can’t compare him to Adrian Peterson or Barry Sanders. I think the closest guy I could think of is Tony Dorsett. I think he’s faster than Reggie Bush.