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Not only do the West Virginia Mountaineers have a male baton twirler, they have a bad-ass male baton twirler. Meet Donovan Sarr, introduced to us by this WVU press release touting their evidently awesome baton twirling squad


Sarr, a junior psychology major at WVU, became Senior Men’s Two-Baton Champion in April 2006, when he traveled to Eindhoven, Holland, to compete on the U.S. World Team. A 2004 Mount Gilead (Ohio) High School graduate, he has also earned numerous Ohio State and Great Lakes regional titles in solo, two-baton, three-baton and rhythmic twirl. Moreover, Sarr was the 2004 Men’s National Twirling Champion and the 2006 Men’s Collegiate Twirling Champion.


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  • WVU probably gave him a full ride for baton twirling. And people call them a “bunch of couch burning hillbillies.” They’re Renaissance Men, which is why they sent their guy to the Senior Men’s Two-Baton Championship in Holland.

    I’m not going anywhere with this. Just surprised that the Ears are enlightened.

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