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Lache Seastrunk = Beast

“In my mind, I want to go for 80 every time,” Seastrunk says. “But I know I can’t. I’m always thinking touchdown. But if I’m thinking like that, worst case scenario, get 9 or 10 yards. In my mind, I don’t care who’s in my way.”

He still needs work running between the tackles, but his strength is deceptive. He does not go to the ground easily.

“If you look at Lache, he just runs away,” Davis says. “He can look at you and just run away. I can’t think of another player in a long time at this level that just jumps right out at you. You can’t compare him to Adrian Peterson or Barry Sanders. I think the closest guy I could think of is Tony Dorsett. I think he’s faster than Reggie Bush.


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