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Best High School Highlight Of All Time…

To think this kid was doing this well enough in practice to let him do it in the game… crazy awesome..

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The Auburn Family Has A Choice To Make


Auburn coach Gene Chizik knows how defensive coordinator Ted Roof feels this morning. He’s been there before – literally. Six years ago, as the man running the defensive show for Auburn, Chizik limped off the Tiger Stadium turf after being blistered 31-7 by LSU. That was 2003. Better days were just around the corner.Today Auburn fans are not sure what the future holds for this football program. Suddenly, fans who just three weeks ago were lauding embattled athletic director Jay Jacobs for proving his critics wrong are now shaking their finger in his face saying, “I told you so.”

There are plenty of places to point fingers. The truth is, no one person is solely responsible for this sudden crash in Auburn fortunes. Chizik is still the coach he was in September. So is his staff. Was it a big mistake not playing backup Neil Caudle earlier Saturday night? Perhaps.

Have SEC schools figured out this quickly how to defend the offense of Gus Malzahn? It’s certainly possible, but more than likely improbable. Could anything have been done Saturday night in Baton Rouge to cause a different outcome? Unfortunately no.

The simple truth is that Auburn’s program is in much worse shape than anyone realized even a year ago. For all of Tommy Tuberville’s greatness, he fell down on the job during the last three years of his tenure – especially when it came to recruiting.

There are not more than two or three players on the 2009 roster that Alabama really wanted for themselves. The truth hurts. This coaching staff is good, but they’re not miracle workers. Coaching can make players better and they can be motivated to play over their heads at times; but in the end it’s near impossible to trump talent.

The cold hard facts today are that Auburn is a long way from its glory days. Turning on Chizik now would be a huge mistake for this program. Whether you wanted him or not, it’s hard to argue that his methods aren’t pointing Auburn in the right direction. Splintered factions among the fanbase likely means lost recruits in February.

As fans endure these final weeks of the season, we can all learn a lesson from our neighbors to the north. After a decade of failure, Alabama officials, alumni and fans came together and said enough. They vowed to do whatever it took to put their program back on top. In a matter of less than three seasons, they are all in lockstep with one another. The results unfortunately have been astounding.

They hired the right coach and stood behind him despite the rough inaugural season that included a loss to Louisiana-Monroe. In two short seasons they returned to national prominence. Today they sit at the top of the polls. They are on track next season to open the second addition to their stadium in less than 10 years. Things turned around lightening fast for Alabama.

This morning Auburn fans have a choice. Do we all get on the same page and move forward or do we turn on each other, pick sides and fight until the program is in complete shambles? We watched Alabama do it for a decade and it was wonderful.

The Fall of Bowden

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Hmmmm…the shake weight?

Fans wanting to wear blue here is your chance….


The Ole Miss game on Oct. 31 is being called a Navy Nightmare. Fans are encouraged to wear Auburn navy or an official Navy Nightmare shirt to the game. “For the Kentucky and Alabama games, we are asking our fans to support the All Auburn, All Orange program,” Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs said. “Since the Ole Miss game is on Halloween, we want to do something out of the ordinary and host a Navy Nightmare at Jordan-Hare Stadium. We encourage our fans to wear their Auburn navy to this game.”

“We hope that all students and fans will participate in the remaining two All Auburn, All Orange games and the Navy Nightmare event,” SGA President Jacob Watkins said. “Imagine entering Jordan-Hare and seeing the entire stadium completely orange and then two weeks later, completely navy. What a great way to show a unified support of our Tigers.”

Ah memories…



Sweet Auburn Art

See these and more at:





Yep, this is about right

Imagine an opposing Linebacker looking at the Auburn offense knowing he is facing a Fullback at wide receiver, a quarterback at wide receiver, a halfback that is faster than you are and can run and catch the ball, another half back that can run over your linemen as well as catch the ball and the quarterback is a dual threat with a good passing arm. Now add in the motion and the absolute endless number of options available to run against you. Add to this that there is another quarterback dual threat on the field. Then imagine the deceptiveness of the ball changing hands with multiple bodies blocking sight or did the ball stay with the quarterback. Maybe it was carried and lateraled to the second quarterback or is it about to be passed to the deep threat streaking down the field. Now add in the confusion and fatigue of doing this without the benefit of huddle and no time for substitutions. Repeat this 85 times and it is an average Auburn offensive game.