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Yep, this is about right

Imagine an opposing Linebacker looking at the Auburn offense knowing he is facing a Fullback at wide receiver, a quarterback at wide receiver, a halfback that is faster than you are and can run and catch the ball, another half back that can run over your linemen as well as catch the ball and the quarterback is a dual threat with a good passing arm. Now add in the motion and the absolute endless number of options available to run against you. Add to this that there is another quarterback dual threat on the field. Then imagine the deceptiveness of the ball changing hands with multiple bodies blocking sight or did the ball stay with the quarterback. Maybe it was carried and lateraled to the second quarterback or is it about to be passed to the deep threat streaking down the field. Now add in the confusion and fatigue of doing this without the benefit of huddle and no time for substitutions. Repeat this 85 times and it is an average Auburn offensive game.


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