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Poll: Tyrik’s Redshirt

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4 Responses to “Poll: Tyrik’s Redshirt”

  • I voted NO: who is gonna be the QB in 2014 when Seastrunk, Dyer, Benton, Reed, Richardson, Goodwin and Lattimore are all seniors?!??!!??!?!??!?!

  • This is 2009. If Tyrik is any good, he is gonna go pro early. If he is not any good, we will play another quarterback by 2014, which is five yeas from now.

    I don’t think these redshirt years are worth it in the long run for running backs and quarterbacks. The running backs get beat up from too many snaps, and the quarterbacks get snapped up by the pros early.

    If Todd is deemed unfit for service, and Rollison is ready, we should play Rollison because he is supposed to be a better all around quarterback than Caudle.

    Caudle was the go to guy in case Todd went down in the first half of the season becasue Rollison wasn’t familiar with the playbook.

  • I still think Rollison is unfamiliar with the playbook and Kiehl Frazier or Jeff Driskel will hopefully be QBing come 2014, so I say keep the redshirt.

  • LOL @ an AU QB going to the NFL early :) When’s the last time that happened? We could only be so lucky as for Rollison to be the next incarnation of Dameyune Craig, and we all know how well he did in the NFL (I know, I know, his jersey is hanging in Canton, too bad it’s from when he played in Scotland).

    I voted no, but now I changed my mind. Heck, put him in there. It couldn’t be any worse. Then again, we could ruin his confidence a la Kodi when he was put in too early.

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