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More quotes from Dyer

“When I went to the game [a 41-30 Tigers win over West Virginia on Sept. 19)] it was pouring down rain and the game was delayed 30 minutes, but the fans were still there cheering and wet. People had paint all over their bodies and signs that they held out and they sat there throughout the game. They didn’t move. Those are true fans that I would like to play for and go out there and give 100 percent.”

“The last few weeks, me and Marcus Lattimore have had conversations and sent texts back and forth trying to figure out what’s going on and to see if he’s going to go to Auburn or not,” Dyer said. “I told him it would be great for both of us to come out there and tag-team and run the ball. He seemed to be very respectful like he would fit into Auburn. I have been working on him to get him to commit there. He’s a nice guy and it would be pretty amazing to get him to commit to Auburn.”

“I wanted to go out and do my own thing,” Dyer said. “I didn’t want to feel like I had to be a star at Arkansas and live up to somebody else’s hype. I wanted to go out and live my life according to how I feel. I was my choice. I just wanted to go live my life and get a brand new start. It was just what I am looking for.”

“Auburn is on the rise,” he said. “We want it to be that team that everybody talks about like Florida or LSU. Auburn is going to be that one day. Once we all get there and get on the same page, we are going to make history.”


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