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A must read: Marcus Lattimore, hometown hero

And what might, in fact, be the school for him? Lattimore insists he does not have a favorite. But he has a vision of what the winner must have.

“I’ll try to find the one with (the) most in common to (Byrnes),” he said. “I love it here; this has been the best four years of my life, and I’m going to miss it a lot. So wherever I go, I’m going to try to find something similar, the players’ and coaches’ camaraderie. That’s going to be the school.”

Along with that, he said, will be coaches who can help him reach his NFL goal and deal with fans’ expectations that come with being a five-star recruit. As good as he is, at Byrnes he was still one of the crowd. That almost certainly will change in college.

“I’ve been informed of that by so many people,” he said. “So I’ll be looking for a coach I can talk to about that.”

He smiled. “I think I’ll be just fine. I think I’m mature enough to handle it.”


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