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Daily Archive for January 9th, 2010

Leaked Photos from Army AA game

*****Update 5:56pm****
Story behind the pics…From the guy who took them:

Sorry for the delay. I had a buddy post the pics on my way home. I was on the field after the game and Travon approached me and said war eagle. I had the hat for them to sign and I was wearing a hat as well. He took the pic for me and then I ran into lache. He called me mr au. Said luper hadn’t called in 3 weeks because we already had lattimore. I told him he was a totally different back than Latt and not to forget about us. **NOTE*** I would be very surprised if we got him. His family was wearing corndog purple but he said war eagle and took the pic. Whittaker called me “family man”….. Gotta be a good sign. He was a beast and hell of a nice guy. Same hat in all 3 pics, lame or not still pretty damn fun. **NOTE** latt left the field pissed about something, didn’t stick around for interviews or pics. Coleman was swamped with kids and I had to get back home. That’s the story!

Lache Seastrunk

Trovon Reed

Jeffrey Whitaker