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Daily Archive for January 19th, 2010

ERIC MACK Decomits from USCe… War Damn Eagle…

And the crowd goes wild…


Knoxville Lexus dealer confirms crash involving Coach Tiger W. Kiffin

Lexus of Knoxville confirms Coach Lane Kiffin was involved in an accident in a vehicle owned by Lexus.

Also heard there might of been some “hostesses” in the car…

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) — Ever since Coach Lane Kiffin resigned his job as University of Tennessee head football coach last week to take the same job at the University of Southern California, rumors have swirled about Coach Kiffin’s conduct here in Knoxville.

Included in those rumors, questions about a car crash involving Coach Kiffin.

Well, that’s not a rumor anymore.

Lexus of Knoxville confirmed to Volunteer TV News’ Mark Packer Tuesday afternoon that Coach Kiffin was indeed involved in a one-car accident in a car owned by Lexus.

Lexus’ email statement did not specify the date of the incident, where it happened or who was driving the vehicle, which was leased to Kiffin through the coach’s vehicle program.

Lexus of Knoxville is a sponsor of the Tennessee Fund program which leases vehicles to coaches of UT men’s and women’s athletic programs.

The statement says, “The proper authorities were contacted and the vehicle was towed to our location. Coach Kiffin’s insurance was contacted and promptly paid the claim.”

It continues, “We have no knowledge of any of the alleged facts surrounding the accident being reported on the internet.”

Since our report this afternoon, the University of Tennessee has confirmed the university knew about an accident involving Kiffin.

Spokesperson Tiffany Carpenter says Kiffin slid off the road while driving home during fall camp early one August morning.

In fact, Coach Kiffin himself confirmed the crash, if this is the same one, during an interview with

The coach saying at the time he was headed home after a late practice during fall camp, fell asleep and drifted off the road.

Carpenter says authorities were notified after the crash.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Martha Dooley say there are no reports of any accident reports filed by Lane Kiffin in 2009.

Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Darrell DeBusk says there are no reports of any accident reports filed by Kiffin in September or October. He’s checking all of 2009.

Lexus of Knoxville says they will have no further comment regarding the situation.