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We’re Number 2 or 4?!!! By google standards at least….

So I was at work today trying to show a co-worker We were unable to view the site due to restricted access, but I wanted to show him I wasn’t lying and that my friends and I did create a website. So I googled, “Auburn Football Blog” and there we were. Sitting at #2 spot right underneath Track ‘em tigers. I was excited because I did not know we’d come up so high. I mean most of our content is regurgitated hear say and youtube videos. But I rolled with it and thought it was pretty cool. I then got home and went to let the rest of the Auburntron readers share in our glory and when I re-did the search we came up 4th!! What is this the BCS?? Second or Fourth, I think it’s pretty cool that we created this sight and people enjoy it so much even Google thinks to send people our way when they are searching for their Auburn Football news fix. Thanks to all you readers out there, keep commenting and the season can’t get here fast enough but we’ll try to keep you entertained.

Wait a minute! Now we’re number 4?

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