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AU Student Raising Money for Shon Coleman

I am an Auburn student deployed on a peace keeping mission with my reserve unit to Kosovo. I will be making a 25 km road march flying the Auburn flag in honor of, Shon Coleman, a member of my Auburn family. I will also be wearing a patch on the sleeve designated for the combat patch with the design in the profiles picture of this tribute to be sent to Shon upon completion of the march. Shon has received a scholarship to play football for the Auburn Tigers and is set to begin classes this fall. Shon was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is currently undergoing treatment. This march is in honor of him and other kids like him who are enduring this same fight. If you would like to support me as I make this march in their honor I would ask that you donate for each kilometer I am marching. If you would like to donated 1.00/km your donation would be 25.00, 100.00/km your donation would be 2500.00. No amount is too small. Please donate what your heart and wallet will allow as we come together to support St. Judes in their fight against childhood cancers. War Eagle!!




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