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Voting for Video Intro Song….

Auburn is ready to vote on the song to play just before the players enter the field for 2010.  There is a list created you can vote for OR submit a song that you would like to enter for the votes.

the list seems “okay” there are songs that have been used in the past – i think we should stay away from these older songs. There are also your “typical old” songs, that havent been used, but are just trendy or cliche, whatever.

Of the list, my favorites are

Hero – Skillet

Cochise – Audioslave

I would like to see (Favorites)

Saliva – ┬áSuperstar II

Nonpoint – In the Air Tonight (Miami Vice)

Audioslave – Show me how to live

The Videos….

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

What do you guys think?

5 Responses to “Voting for Video Intro Song….”

  • I voted for Cochise, but all are a bit played. How about something like Metallica’s “Am I Evil”, or S.O.D.’s “Milano Mosh” (the old Headbanger’s Ball intro music). Then again, Eye of the Tiger will always work.

  • I love Audioslave but they are too old. Nonpoint isnt hard enough, and neither is Saliva…..dont get me wrong, all these songs are GOOD, but when i think about the video coming on and getting amped up, i dont think anything on the list lives up. Khalid comes closest, I think…as much as I hate it.

  • then ADD something to the list… i suggeseted nonpoint and saliva

    i really like the part at the end when it says “the real mu@#$ Fu@#$@ from the south”!!

  • What have you guys suggested other than whats on the list as of now

    I could dig hero… but like i said… everything else on there seems played out!

  • I liked Boom by P.O.D. because of the way it well, boomed.

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