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Daily Archive for September 27th, 2010


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Gamecock Fans Showing Love

“I have been to 9 road stadiums for a Carolina game including Auburn. This was by far the best atmosphere period. The campus is up there with Athens and UNC as a all around great college campus. As a recent USC alum I love our campus but have always wished that our stadium was on campus. Our hotel just happened to be walking distance(less than .5 from) tailgating, the stadium, and downtown. This is just unheard of at USC.”‘

I have to say that, outside of the game itself, this was the best road trip I have been on. The campus looks just like Clemsux, but that is the end of the similarities. The Auburn fans were unbelievable. From the college kids up to the old timers we were treated very well. We were given high 5′s for making the trip, had beers handed to us, and were welcomed by everyone. We had to ask directions while walking around campus. Our usual tact is to ask 3 people and see which 2 matched, and some places none of them matched. At Auburn, all three gave us correct directions down to one group walking with us a couple of blocks. We hung out with some fraternities who made sure we always had something to drink. It was awsome. The hospitality stayed throughout the game and after.”

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“Welcome to Auburn. Seriously. Welcome to Auburn. Everyone said it – while giving directions, offering food, serving free drinks and speaking to all. They shook hands. They thanked you for visiting. And some even apologized just in case someone else was mean to you. It almost felt like there was a planned hospitality committee in this gorgeous, quaint town on the Plains. We all were in awe- the only rude fans we saw were wearing garnet and black. Jordan-Hare Stadium was an incredible experience due to a raucous crowd, a fantastic gameday environment and a gorgeous eagle that swooped over the stadium and sat on the sideline. The crowd chanted the entire game, but there were no rude catcalls toward USC or untoward motions to the fans, at least from our vantage points.”