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Auburn Offensive Line vs. Oregon Defensive Line

Oregon D’Line starters: Terrell Turner, Jr., DE, 6-3, 261 (Los Angeles, Calif.); Brandon Bair, Sr., DT, 6-7, 272 (St. Anthony, Idaho); Zac Clark, Sr., DT, 6-2, 270 (Wichita, Kan.); Kenny Rowe, Sr., DE, 6-3, 232 (Long Beach, Calif.).

average: 6 feet 3.75 inches   258.75lbs

Auburn O’Line starters: Lee Ziemba, Sr, LT, 6-8, 319 (Rogers, Ark.); Mike Berry, Sr., LG, 6-3, 316 (Antioch, Tenn.); Ryan Pugh, Sr., C, 6-4, 297 (Hoover, Ala.); Byron Isom, Sr., RG, 6-3, 302 (Jonesboro, Ga.); Brandon Mosley, Jr., RT, 6-6, 299 (Jefferson, Ga.)

average: 6 feet 4.8 inches   306.6lbs

Don’t forget, Cam Newton is 6 foot 6 inches at 250lbs

Have yet to gather stats on the other sides of the ball, but you do the math….

If I were Oregon, Id have a big OOOOO $H!T


2010 Auburn Gameday Spirit Buttons


Auburn vs. Oregon BCS Championship Spirit Button

Auburn vs. Oregon BCS Championship Spirit Button

Did you have too much cammy cam juice while tailgating this year and forget to pick up an Auburn Button for every home game?  In a normal year, the elusiveness of these spirit buttons can be overlooked (a limited number are released for each home game), but for the 2010 dream season, every Auburn fan has to collect the auburn button set – every home game button from the 2010 undefeated regular season is now available @!  Check it out

Auburn Buttons

Keep that drink COLD!


We must CONTINUE to protect this house….

Auburn has quietly operated this year under a new Under Armour apparel agreement that the university values at .45 million in cash and products over seven years.

The extension increased Auburn’s value in the agreement to .9 million per year. That nearly doubled its five-year, .6 million deal with Under Armour in 2005, according to the August 2009 contract extension obtained Tuesday by The Birmingham News through an open-records request.

Auburn’s new financial terms began in 2010-11, when its annual rights fee payment increased from 0,000 to .65 million. The amount increases to .7 million in 2011-12; .75 million in 2012-13 and 2013-14; .8 million in 2014-15; and .85 million in 2015-16, when the deal expires.

Auburn’s product allowance from Under Armour will be .25 million annually over the next six years, up from 0,000 in 2009-10. Auburn buys products 50 percent off the suggested retail price.


The Houndstooth Party….

Auburn playing for the BCS championship is a unique prism that allows a neutral observer to define three different shades of Alabama fans.

The first is a unique political party. It’s the minority group. Let’s call them the Yellowhammer (The state bird) Party.

That group thinks of our state first. They see back-to-back national championships from the state’s top schools as a beacon to the world. They want to boast that the best college football in the nation — they see those back-to-back Heisman winners, too — is played here. An Auburn win pins our state with an impressive badge of honor. Those folks might as well be Libertarians.

Then there’s the Crimson Tider who bleeds blue and yellow. Those are the colors of the SEC emblem. This fan still despises rooting for Auburn. But that’s not as deadly a sin as a Pac-10 school halting the SEC’s streak of BCS champs at four years in a row. These fans will never cry “War Eagle,” but rooting for the Ducks to lose will allow them to stomach the evening.

The final group is the majority Houndstooth Party. They don’t consider it a black-and-white issue, but a crimson-and-white one. They root against Auburn no matter whom the Tigers are playing, regardless of SEC ties. Those are the folks who won’t even buy gas in Lee County every two years. Anything less than total disdain for Auburn would mean they need to find a new tailgate spot. Their old friends would cast them out.


It’s not the Nattie Light talking…

YouTube Preview Image

Auburn’s 3 Heisman Winners

Cam Hancock

Deuces – Cam Newton Version

YouTube Preview Image

Let me introduce’em, #2, Cam Newton
Confusin defensive coaches til they up, pukin.
The only thing that hes abusin more than score-boards
Is the phone booths that hes usin, to shed his suit in.
SuperCam is makin anyone assumin rumors to be true
Feel like Alabama, UGA, and LSU–Losers…The game is over.
By now hes probly handin out water bottles to Wolfson.
Just for his amusement.
The talent straight oozin.
Haters tryin to take him down from Mississippi St., the Gators, and them clowns from Tuscaloosa.
Yeah, understand with Cammy Cam juice dribblin down your chin and hatin at the same time just makes you look stupid.
Yeah, love affair with Jordan-Hare like 90,000 shot by cupid.
More than a fan club Cam Newton began a movement.
Undefeated season leavin no room for improvement.
Its open season Eugene, we huntin ducks in Phoenix.
No reason not to believe in Auburns dream season.
Heisman in his hand smiling like, “now we gettin even”
We rally round the family, we rage against the machine’en
War Eagle, All In, Deuces up for Newton.

Uh, Judge… Wait here, I’ll BRB….

A Birmingham lawyer — and lifelong Auburn football fan — asked a judge this week to hold off scheduling a trial so he and his family can go to the team’s Jan. 10 national championship game, fearing he might not ever get another chance.
Michael Mulvaney, one of the attorneys representing the Hartford Fire Insurance Co. in a civil case in federal court in Mobile, filed a motion Wednesday requesting that a trial scheduled for January begin on Jan. 17 or be continued to February in light of the championship game.
“As a life-long Auburn fan, I am asking the Court for grace and mercy to allow me to take my family (wife and 3 daughters) to the game, which is set for January 10, 2011. We have purchased non-refundable plane tickets and hotel rooms,” Mulvaney writes in his motion. “We have not yet bought tickets to the game.”
David McKnight, one of the attorneys representing The Mitchell Co. Inc., the other side in the civil case, said he didn’t personally mind Mulvaney’s request. “I’m an Auburn fan, so I was actually rooting for Michael on that,” he said.