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Daily Archive for December 10th, 2010

Uh, Judge… Wait here, I’ll BRB….

A Birmingham lawyer — and lifelong Auburn football fan — asked a judge this week to hold off scheduling a trial so he and his family can go to the team’s Jan. 10 national championship game, fearing he might not ever get another chance.
Michael Mulvaney, one of the attorneys representing the Hartford Fire Insurance Co. in a civil case in federal court in Mobile, filed a motion Wednesday requesting that a trial scheduled for January begin on Jan. 17 or be continued to February in light of the championship game.
“As a life-long Auburn fan, I am asking the Court for grace and mercy to allow me to take my family (wife and 3 daughters) to the game, which is set for January 10, 2011. We have purchased non-refundable plane tickets and hotel rooms,” Mulvaney writes in his motion. “We have not yet bought tickets to the game.”
David McKnight, one of the attorneys representing The Mitchell Co. Inc., the other side in the civil case, said he didn’t personally mind Mulvaney’s request. “I’m an Auburn fan, so I was actually rooting for Michael on that,” he said.