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Daily Archive for January 7th, 2011

How To Spot A Fake BCS Champ Edition

Just got off the phone with the Cardinals Ticket Office..

Ways to spot a fake ticket for the BCS National Championship Game -

1 – The tickets will be over sized length and width.
2 – There are 4 legit pictures -
    A. – Mountain with Snow on it – Blue in color
    B. – Grand Canyon
    C. – Sedona Rocks (looks Like Red Rocks) with a Red sun in the background
    D. – Cacti with the Sun in the back.
3 – It will say Auburn Vs oregon on the front – written in Silver Metallic print about 1 inch in size.

The Back
1 – The coloring will be White
2 – There will be the facebook and twitter symbols on it.
3 – There will be a dried proxy / glue looking substance on the back – about half way down.

There will be a scalpers corner -

Maryland Ave / Sunrise – About 80 Yards from Gate #2

Gate #2 is also will call – you can check the validity of the tickets at that gate. So have one person stay with whomever you bought the tickets from while someone else goes and checks it out.

Love Mikey – Be Safe Don’t Get Ripped Off