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Recruiting National Champions!!!

It is done! BOX IT UP!!!

Auburn snags the number one spot for the 2011 recruiting class.



The next Ronnie Brown....mark my words with a highlighter

Even though we are still dying to see LaDarius Phillips hit the stage this fall, even though we have O.MAC dashing for the end zone, even though Mike Dyer is going to be tackled BUT not be down…. I for one, am excited to see Mike Blakely come on over to the true ORANGE AND BLUE not that little girl color blue.  Muschamp’s new scheme might not fit him, but look at what Gus and Luper can do.  Blakely, you have proudly bumped the Auburn Tigers, 2010 National Champions, into the 2011 National Recruiting Champions!  Welcome to the plains, my friend.  Go head and get your finger fitted, you will need to know when we bring back another crystal ball to the loveliest village during your tenure cause a big ass ring is coming your way! WAR DAMN!

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